TYC ANSI standard precision roller chain is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI B29.1 requirements.  Commonly used for power transmission purposes, it can be found in a variety of industrial drive systems.

TYC ISO standard roller chains are manufactured to conform to ISO, DIN and BS requirements.  TYC ISO standard roller chains are available in many sizes and types and are suitable for use on European built machines.

There are many chain manufacturers in the world, but TYC is one of the few premier chain manufacturers with top quality products engineered and built for high performance even in the toughest applications.

TYC ANSI/ISO standard roller chains are also available with nickel-plating, zinc-plating, stainless steel, and optimum coating for corrosion resistance.  For higher loads, multiple-width strands are available.  TYC offers a comprehensive range of high quality standard roller chains for all types of drive systems and operating conditions.