In the agricultural and processing equipment industry, TYC is well known for quality and reliability.  In order to meet the demanding requirements in the agriculture industry, agricultural chains furnished by TYC for either transmission or conveying are engineered for durability and strength.  With outstanding engineering design and precision manufacturing methods TYC's agricultural chains provide long life even under the most rigorous operating conditions.

With the experience of being a long time agricultural chain manufacturer and a trusted OEM supplier, TYC has a wealth of knowledge and experience in agricultural chain development and manufacturing.  All of TYC agricultural chains are designed for heavy-duty loads, dusty environments, and high shock loads.  High resistance to dynamic stress and wear is an important factor for long service life.  TYC products are popular in many types of agricultural machinery, such as collecting, sorting and spreading machines and harvesters.

TYC provides additional options for functional requirements.  Chain attachments such as flights or rubber paddles are available.  Chain and attachments can be supplied completely assembled for easy installation.  For better chain life, chrome-plated pin is an option that will greatly improve wear resistance.