TYC heavy-duty roller chains are based on ANSI/ISO standards, but incorporate additional design features, manufacturing steps and process control to provide higher strength and better performance than standard ANSI/ISO chains.  TYC heavy-duty roller chains are the ideal solution for the most demanding applications because of their superior design and top quality workmanship.

TYC heavy-duty roller chains are directly interchangeable with standard ANSI/ISO chains and are compatible with standard ANSI/ISO sprockets.


  • Extra link plate thickness
  • Wider waist link plates
  • Through-hardened pins
  • Solid bushings and rollers
  • Heat treatment stability
  • Shot peened parts
  • Ball drifting
  • Chain preloading
  • ANSI/ISO Heavy (H) series
  • ANSI Super (S) series
  • ANSI Super Heavy (HS) series
  • ANSI API series
  • ISO Super (S) series
  • ISO Super Heavy (HS) series