Pin oven chains are often used in high speed, high temperature and high throughput operations.  It demands chain to be smooth running, long lasting and easy to maintain, in order to reduce operational downtime and increase output.  All of these critical points require a top quality piece of chain to be the solution.

TYC pin oven chain is built with TYC size #60 Super Series base chain and quick-release carrier pins at a given spacing.  It is designed in such a way that the carrier pin is an extended solid chain pin instead of an attachment.  This not only improves the strength, but also increases the overall life span of the chain.

The precisely controlled components and assembly process result in chains of high precision that allow a smooth operation and reduced vibration.  This ensures fewer jams and an overall higher production output.

  • Carrier pins are assembled on extended solid bushings and are then secured by bolts.  The special length bushings give larger bearing area.  Because the carrier pins are secured with bolts, they can be quickly disassembled and re-assembled when necessary, which shortens maintenance downtime.
  • Base chain pins are specially treated.  This special process significantly increases wear-resistance and minimizes elongation.
  • High-temperature grade solid lubricant is used, ensuring a long wear life.  This lubricant leaves no residue on chain or on the workpiece.
  • A selection of protective tips is available for various operating temperatures, as well as for other special application needs.