TYC manufactures both specialized leaf chains and heavy duty roller chains for port equipment.  Examples are leaf chains used on lift trucks handling empty containers, and roller chains for straddle carriers.  Chains for port equipment often operate 24-7 under constant high load.

The complete series of TYC heavy duty roller chains are available for power transmission purposes in stringent conditions.  Please refer to "HEAVY DUTY ROLLER CHAIN" for more information.

To deal with the heavy load and long working hours that the lift trucks operate at the port, TYC leaf chains for port operation specially feature alloy steel components that can better withstand shock loads.  Special heat treatment of pins increases surface hardness significantly, which helps improve wear life.  Well-controlled dimensions ensure the consistency of components and hence a smooth movement of the chain joints.  TYC high quality lubricant protects chains from wear in the harsh environment.  Coated chains are available upon request.
Available Chain Sizes:
100-1 BL 1234 LL 2466
120-1 BL 1266 LL 3244
120-2 BL 1444 LL 3266
140-2 BL 1446 LL 3288
160-1 BL 1634 LL 4066
160-2 BL 1666  
240-1 BL 1688  
24B-1 BL 2044