Sugar harvest chain is used to convey canes harvested in the field to a gathering wagon.  During harvest seasons, the process is continuous, the loads are heavy, and the environment is tough for the chain.

TYC sugar harvest chain is designed and manufactured to the highest quality to deal with such tough applications.  Dimensional control ensures precision and consistency, and hence the straightness and steadiness of conveying.  The use of alloy steel material ensures better chain life of TYC sugar harvest chains.  Tightly controlled and optimized heat treatment processes improve wear resistance and bring strength and toughness to the components.  The wear resistance and durability of the rollers are specially emphasized in order to improve chain performance.  Solid hollow pins and solid bushings are also available.

TYC's bolted style connecting link is easy to assemble and disassemble, and is dimensionally optimized to guarantee secure locking.  The reinforced riveting of hollow pin ends provides strong hold of the parts.

TYC sugar harvest chain is lubricated with heavy grease which greatly enhances wear life.  TYC chains are 100% pre-loaded to reach higher durability.  Our sugar harvest chain is designed and manufactured for top performance.