Tien Yuen Machinery Manufacturing Company was founded in 1955 in Taiwan, initially as a manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle chains. In 1958, the company already starts to make export to South East Asia and North America, a bellwether among bicycle component manufacturers in Taiwan.


The company moves to current location for expansion of area, production capacity and product range. The plant takes 15,000 square meters of land. In the age of labor intensity, TYC once employs more than 1,000 workers.


The growth of the company continues through the establishment of oversea branches in Bangkok, Thailand (year 1991) and in Dalian, China (year 1999).
In 1993, the company adopts ISO9000 quality management systems and receives certification in the following year. TYC has since been an ISO certified company.


Year 2000 marks the start of a decade of proliferation and a leap of technical advances for TYC. Several events take place in the years that ensue:

The development and construction of new generation assembly machines to achieve higher assembly precision.

The development of critical know-how of inverted tooth chain for the timing purpose in vehicle and motorcycle engines. Inverted tooth chains are also widely used in power .

The introduction of Super Series & API Series to TYC’s product family.

Production of motorcycle timing chains to start in 2005.

Thailand plant to acquire hot forging capability.

Product expansion to include welded steel and combination chains. Production is in China plant.

The development and manufacturing of escalator step chains for Taipei MRT.

The development of 1500cc turbo engine timing set for car engine manufacturer.

9-speed and 10-speed bicycle chains to go into mass production phase.

2010 and forward

TYC plant in China seeks expansion and relocates to Wa-Fang-Dian City in Liao-Ning Province in year 2011. The new production base covers nearly 56,000 square meters.

Taiwan plant implements 5S methodology for shop floor control and improved workplace organization. Production strives ahead through the continuous investment in equipments and the endless pursuit of higher efficiency. The production capacity grows over 30% as a result.

Looking forward, the company is going all-rounded. TYC now encompasses global production bases, and has a wide product scopes. Beyond manufacturing, TYC is much more. It houses the capability of chain design, the know-how of processes, the ability of test and validation, as well as strong customer support. What TYC offers, along with a piece of TYC chain, is a tailor-made experience and TYC’s commitment to full customer satisfaction through quality and services.