Our headquarters and R&D center are located in Taiwan’s Taichung City. We have manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand and China. Continuous improvement is our mission; the pursuit of high quality is our goal.

Besides manufacturing, we have design powers, production technologies, testing capabilities, and integrated customer services. In addition to producing high-quality products that meet with international standards and the characteristics and requirements of the equipment, we can also provide our customers with technical consultation and participate in product design.

Our manufacturing system is unique in many ways:

In-house Material Processing
We use steel materials coming from top steel mills.  We have material processing facilities which allow us a full control of material quality.

In-house Tooling and Machinery Building
- We own more than 1000 sets of dies. Almost all of them were designed and fabricated by ourselves.
- We own more than 1000 pieces of functional equipment. The majority of them were designed or built by ourselves.
- We build specialized assembly machines and testing equipments.

In-house Components Production
All component processes are in-house, including stamping, bush forming and cold forging of the round parts, etc.

Specialized Heat Treatments
We are able to do through-hardening, case-hardening, induction hardening and other special heat treatment processes.

Automated Chain Assembly
We use high-precision automated assembly machines developed by ourselves. Pre-stretching enhances chain performance and life.