60 years of TYC – and we continue thriving forward.


Words from the President (2016)

TYC is 60 years old. The establishment and flourishing of the company mirror the economic growth of Taiwan since the 50’s. After the war, Taiwan started its own economic endeavor. From an agriculture-based economy, Taiwan went through the reconstruction of infrastructures and started to focus on manufacturing. Greatly weakened by the war, it was through the diligence and resilience of the people that the country achieved a rapid growth within half of a century. Amid the wave of industrialization was TYC, first established in the post-war Taiwan in the 50’s, in an environment that was far from ideal. So much so, that the first shipment of steel material to TYC had to be transported to the plant by oxcart. It was in such a harsh time, that TYC started to make chains for bicycles and pedicabs, the then common transportation means. Ahead of other parts makers in the same industry, TYC very early on started to make exports of the bicycle chains to the world, and once became the largest bic ycle chain manufacturer. However, TYC did not stop there. In the 70’s, Taiwan went through an industrial transformation. Following government policies, it gradually steered away from the labor-intensive industries and stepped into sectors of high-tech, high value-added products. Coinciding with such business environment and global trends, TYC went through its own transformation, multi-dimensionally. Within the next 30 years, the company established two branch factories overseas; it greatly increased product offerings; and most importantly, its endless pursuit for the better quality brought the company to a new level. Today, TYC is one of the major chain suppliers whose name is recognized world-wide, and its offering to the market is considered tier-one.

Diligence and frugality – those are the two principles of the life that Chinese people highly valued. Going back in time, diligence in an agricultural society means to work hard in the field; frugality means to preserve for the future. In a modern industrial mind, diligence is the continuous research and development and the persistent pursuit for innovation and higher quality. Frugality elaborates on the endless efforts to increase efficiency, improve precision while reducing waste in order to maximize the return for customer. These are the principle held at TYC. This value system keeps us motivated. It is a non-stop effort to always try to service customers better by continuing challenging ourselves.

Our core strength lies in the people. We are proud to have a group of hard working, enthusiastic and forward-thinking employees. It is through them that the new products, the top quality products, and the product know-how are realized.

60 years of TYC - and we continue striving forward.